7th Grade Trip - UGArden & State Botanical Garden - Coile Middle II

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


We are looking forward to our Experience UGA trips for the semester! 

NOTE: Shifts with lock codes are for Experience UGA Ambassadors only. If you would like to learn more about our Ambassador program, please contact us at experienceuga@gmail.com

Any shift without a lock code is open for volunteers! We need student volunteers from the College of Environment and Design to facilitate activities, as well as general volunteers to assist with activities and with moving 10th graders around campus.

Trip Description:  

Seventh grade student will learn about urban farming through composting and bee-keeping activities, participate in vegetable taste tests at the UGarden, UGA’s student-led organic garden, and conduct science experiments to explore forest ecosystems as they hike through the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.
Activities Include:

1.       Succession ‘Ro Sham Bo’- from ABCs of Ecology. Students participate in a role-playing game that teaches about forest succession.

2.       Forest Plot Biodiversity Studies- students study plant species richness and density in two different 10x10 foot plot studies in the forest. Through their findings and observations students will discuss what ecological and human factors might have influenced the ecosystem to create these different plant communities. (i.e. a tree falling over in a storm allows more sunlight to come down to the forest floor so there is a patch of sun-loving herbaceous plants).

3.       Forest Discovery Hunt – throughout the field trip, students will work in pairs on a discovery hunt that teaches about land-use history, plant ID, and biodiversity.

4.       ‘Fox’- from ABCs of Ecology. Predator-prey game that can be played in a variety of different areas along the hike that demonstrates how different habitats provide varying amounts of cover for animals to hide from predators. This activity allows students to think about the forest from the perspective of an animal.

5.       Sit Spot with reflection questions— Students will use the last 5-10 minutes of the field trip to sit in their own space in the forest and answer questions about the field trip as well as open ended questions about their experience being in the forest.   (if time permits)

Guidelines for the trip: 

o You are responsible for transportation to the trip site.
o Arrive at either the UGArden or the State Botanical Garden, based on your shift, by 9:00 am
o Be prepared to engage middle school students!
o Do not have any food or drink with you during the trip. 
o Ensure that all students arrive at their destination.
o Have fun with the students! 

Rain Plan: In case of rain, or threat of rain, the trip will have to be rescheduled. The State Botanical Garden as well as staff from the Office of Service-Learning will make the final call to cancel the trip, or not, by 8:15 AM the morning of the trip. Experience UGA staff will send an email to all parties, including CCSD Transportation indicating that the trip is cancelled. There will be pre-selected rain dates to reschedule the trip.

Emergency Contacts: 
Berkeley - 706 583 0894 or Cora - 706 542 6156 - State Botanical Garden Coordinators
Josh Podvin - 706 542 5008 (office); 513 706 3210 (cell); jhpodvin@uga.edu
Shannon Walker - 404 433 5069 (c), shannon.walker26@uga.edu 


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Registration Closes
Any time before each shift starts or when space runs out.
Requirement Details
Must be an Experience UGA Ambassador to work with this trip.
Spending time with CCSD middle school students!
Parking Details
You are required to provide your own transportation to the trip location.
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Shifts (4)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeAddressDescriptionPositions
State Botanical Garden Ambassador Morning Shift9:00am (ET)11:10am (ET)
2450 S Milledge Ave
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Athens, GA 30605
You will begin this trip at the State Botanical Garden, assist with the garden activities,...0/2Over
UGArden Ambassadors Morning Shift9:00am (ET)11:10am (ET)
2450 S Milledge Ave
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Athens, GA 30605
You will begin this trip at the UGArden. assisting with any activities and capturing media...0/2Over
State Botanical Garden Afternoon Ambassador Shift11:30am (ET)1:30pm (ET)
2450 S Milledge Ave
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Athens, GA 30605
You assist with the afternoon activities at the State Botanical Garden and capture any needed...0/2Over
UGArden Ambassadors Afternoon Shift11:30am (ET)1:30pm (ET)
2500 S Milledge Ave
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Athens, GA 30605
You assist with the afternoon UGArden activities and capture media for this trip.You will make...0/2Over