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Eating Insects Athens Volunteer Opportunities

Monday, August 13th to Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


Positions0 Remaining
Registration OpensRegistration Opened
Registration Closes48 hours before each shift starts or when space runs out.
Volunteer opportunities for the Eating Insects Athens Conference: Register for four two-hour shifts.  They can be continuous or spread throughout the conference. Tasks may include registration, welcoming guests, and logistical support among other tasks. Registration will be reimbursed AFTER the conference and your confirmed eight hours of volunteering.  

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59 Positions Filled | 0 Impacts | 0 Hours

Location: Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1197 S Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602

Shifts (15)

Day 1 Shift 17:30am (ET)9:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 1 Shift 29:30am (ET)11:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 1 Shift 311:30am (ET)1:30pm (ET)4/4Over
Day 1 Shift 41:30pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)4/4Over
Day 1 Shift 53:30pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)4/4Over

Day 2 Shift 17:30am (ET)9:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 2 Shift 29:30am (ET)11:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 2 Shift 311:30am (ET)1:30pm (ET)4/4Over
Day 2 Shift 41:30pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)3/4Over
Day 2 Shift 53:30pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)4/4Over

Day 3 Shift 17:30am (ET)9:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 3 Shift 29:30am (ET)11:30am (ET)4/4Over
Day 3 Shift 311:30am (ET)1:30pm (ET)4/4Over
Day 3 Shift 41:30pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)4/4Over
Day 3 Shift 53:30pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)4/4Over