Talmage Terrace Open House

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm


Help serve at the Talmage Terrace Open House with Campus Kitchen! Volunteers will be helping provide customer service to residents and their families at the open house by assisting in food prep and wait staff services. This event thanks Talmage Terrace for hosting Campus Kitchen's food rescue and redistribution operations. Dress code for the event is: Button-down white shirt, black pants.
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Registration Closed
Registration Closes
Any time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
Age Limit
16 and up
Requirement Details
Preferably some past experience with Talmage Terrace-Lainer Gardens building and Campus Kitchen.Dress code for the event is button-down white shirt, black pants.
Parking Details
Park in the Beechwood Shopping Center parking lot and walk into the main lobby.
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Shifts (2)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Early Shift3:00pm (ET)5:00pm (ET)Dress code for the event is: Button-down white shirt, black pants.1/5Over
Late Shift5:00pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)Dress code for the event is: Button-down white shirt, black pants.3/8Over