Here at UGArden we are dedicated to doing our part in keeping our community safe and healthy. We have put in place COVID-19 guidelines that mirror UGA's and the CDC's. We are limited in the number of volunteers/events that we can host due to social distancing guidelines.

Please read our guidelines below:

If you are an individual looking to volunteer, please consider the following:

  • Know the UGA Guidelines for protecting yourself (and others).

  • If you are experiencing symptoms or have a temperature, you should not volunteer. (Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever over 100.4, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell without stuffy nose.) **This is not an exhaustive list of symptoms. Additional information can be found on the CDC or UGA Websites.**

  • If you have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19, you should not volunteer.

  • Volunteers are **REQUIRED** to wear masks

  • Volunteers should practice social distancing (maintaining at least 6 feet between each other).

  • Volunteers should wash their hands frequently.

  • Volunteers should avoid touching their face during volunteer activities.

As always, stay safe! We hope to see you soon!

--Your friends at UGArden 


UGArden is a student-founded teaching farm located just south of the main University of Georgia campus. Student and community volunteers help manage and provide the primary labor to grow approximately 4 acres of vegetables, fruits, shiitake mushrooms, and herbs using organic practices. 

The mission of UGArden is to build a community of students centered on a sustainable food system by:

1) teaching students to grow food using organic practices

2) sharing healthy, sustainably grown food with members of the local community who are less fortunate

3) engaging students in the local community through service-learning; and 

4) providing opportunities for students to learn practical skills and experiment with new ideas.

Please email us at with any questions.

Sustainable Development Goals
1,828 People | 1,847 Impact | 3,828 Hours