Family Connection-Communities In Schools of Athens



A collaboration of more than 100 organizations (schools, UGA, human service, health & wellness, safety, business, faith, judicial, and others) working with families to do whatever it takes as a community working together for the success of all.
We are in the schools through full-time Site Coordinators at Gaines Elementary School and Alps Road Elementary School, the Bridge to Employment Program at Cedar Shoals High School, and other partnerships.
We are in the neighborhoods with full-time Neighborhood Leaders serving each of 16 Prosperity Zones throughout Athens - of the community, in the community, with the community to connect individuals to resources and engagement for economic and community uplift.
We are in the community through facilitation of collaboration for better outcomes for children, youth, and families, designated as the official planning & coordinating collaboration for services. Our partners work together across systems to assess the data, identify priorities based on that data, identify best practices to address those priorities, develop and implement the community plan, evaluate, and continue the process.
4 People | 2 Impacts | 6 Hours | 163 Total Economic Impact

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