Georgia Conflict Center



Georgia Conflict Center is a non-profit organization that works with local schools, businesses, jails, and many others to reduce conflict and address violence.

Our Motto: "Conflict is inevitable, violence is not." 

Georgia Conflict Center promotes peacemaking within the local community to reduce conflict. We address violence through educational, skill-building exercises focused on changing perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. We believe that anyone can be a diplomatic community ally. Allies create public awareness of nonviolence as a necessity for humanity. We strive to break the cycle of violence in the home and community, whether it be physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. Georgia Conflict Center provides the following support services to the Athens area and surrounding states and counties:
  • Non-Violent Comunication Programs
  • School Programs
  • Restorative Justice Circles
  • Individual Nonviolent Communication Counseling
  • Group Counseling: Nonviolence as a Way of Life
We are always looking for people interested in getting involved in the work we do!
Sustainable Development Goals
33 People | 7 Impacts | 29 Hours | 653 Total Economic Impact

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