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Destination Dawgs is UGA's first inclusive opportunity for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. A Destination Dawgs peer mentor is a currently enrolled University of Georgia student who volunteers and agrees to appropriately support the Destination Dawg student(s) with whom they are matched with in one or more of these three areas:

  • Academic Mentor (one-on-one and in class support, library navigation, study partners, etc.)
  • Health and Wellness Mentor(dining companions, cooking skills, exercise buddy, etc.)
  • Social Mentor (student club/organization events, social activities, sporting events, community service projects, etc.)
  • Independent Living Mentor (dorm organization, healthy living habits, cooking in a dorm kitchen, attending residence hall events, etc.)

What is the time commitment of a peer mentor?

Approximately 3 hours of peer mentorship per week over the course of the semester, mandatory pre-service training, completion of feedback forms, voluntary participation in research,  ongoing meetings, and participation in relevant workshops when possible.

Peer Mentors can earn course credit hours!

3 course credit hours may be earned each semester by peer mentors enrolled in IHDD 2050S: Principles of Person-Centered Practices (pre-req: IHDD 2001). Course content is on eLC and this course will count toward a UGA Certificate in Disability Studies. See the syllabus for more information on this service-learning course. 

What does a peer mentor do?

The experience of a peer mentor is varied! Below are examples of how a qualified peer mentor might interact with a Destination Dawgs student:

  • Travel training experience with students (riding the bus, navigating campus)
  • Note-taking and Academic Tutor when needed
  • Assist with organization of everyday logistics – The UGA Mobile App, LiveSafe app, etc.
  • Help with time management/weekly schedule (Calendar)
  • Encourage healthy eating choices and work on money handling skills and working within a set budget.
  • Help with understanding the social environment, pertinent social skills, conversational boundaries, etc.
  • Relay all communication about student progress and in-class specifics to Program Coordinator and Academic Instructor
  • Attend regular meetings with Program Coordinator and fellow mentors
  • Coverage of other Destination Dawgs peer mentors in the event of an absence
  • Attend an athletic event with and in support of a Destination Dawgs student
  • Other duties as specified
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