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Campus Kitchen - Background Check Only Shifts


This subgroup houses public volunteer shifts with Campus Kitchen involving client interactions or driving personal vehicles: 

  • Client Meal Deliveries
  • Food Collection Driving
  • Beyond the Meal programs
Successfully passing a background investigation within the last year is the only requirement for membership in this subgroup. You may either complete a request form for UGA Human Resources to be contacted about completing a background investigation with UGA (free of charge), OR you may submit verification of passing a background check within the last year. 

Campus Kitchen submits background investigation requests in batches once a week and you can expect 3-4 business days for HR to process a completed check. For these reasons we give a general expectation of 2 weeks before being being approved for membership for this subgroup. 

This is not the subgroup for Shift Leaders for any position. To apply for Shift Leader positions, see each respective subgroup for the Culinary, Delivery, and Food Recovery teams.

More details about the background investigation process are on the membership request prompt. Part of the UGA Human Resources process is that you will be contacted by a UGA background investigation vendor to complete a secure background investigation. Please view templates of these emails here on UGA HR's website
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