Interact Day


Interact Day is a day-long service event at the University of Georgia that will unite high school and college students together by strengthening their understanding of Rotary's two mottoes, Service Over Self and One Profits Most Who Serves Best. 

UGA Rotaract has invited students to our campus from high schools all over the state of Georgia for a day full of learning, service, networking, and entertainment. Just as UGA Rotaract is a college division of Rotary, Interact clubs are the high school division equivalents. Not only does Interact Day teach teens as young as fourteen about the importance of creating lasting connections, but it also inspires a sense of social responsibility by allowing students to show off and take pride in their hard work done throughout the year. 

The collaboration between all three tiers of Rotary promotes a unique exchange of ideas among a group of diverse, yet community-oriented individuals. Unlike any other program of its size, Interact Day applies a multifaceted approach to bettering our world that simultaneously excites students about the potential of their higher education while also emphasizing the life-lessons learned through service opportunities.

22 People | 19 Impacts | 21 Hours