Bulldawg Nation Mask Making


Please join the Bulldawg nation in our effort to produce hand sewn masks for local hospitals! We are calling on alumni near and far to help support healthcare workers.

Here's the way it works: 
1. Make a bunch of masks for your local hospital or healthcare agency (directions and design guidelines are available on the Documents tab). 
2. Deliver those masks (safely) to a hospital or agency in your community.
3. Tell us about it! Click the green 'Add Impact' button in the upper right hand corner of the page and let us know how you contributed!
4. Do it all over again - feel free to keep on making masks, donating them to local agencies, and letting us know about your contributions.

Design Directions for Sewing
Individuals are encouraged to make masks in accordance with the design guidelines attached in the documents section of this page - please click on the documents tab to review the design details.
Sustainable Development Goals
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