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University of Georgia


T/R 11:00 - 12:15 · Marianne SHOCKLEY

Ento Outreach and Service-LearningEnto 3300S and ENTO 3900
EntomologyCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences2442572.831142

This service-learning course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to methods in cross-cultural communication, engagement, and program development. Through demonstrations of cross-cultural message development and working with local food pantries and food pantry clients, students will learn...

M-W-F 10:10-11:00 · Dennis Duncan

Students conduct 15 hours of community service as part of the course.
Agricultural Leadership, Education & CommunicationCAES10.000

Josh Podvin

This is a test site for Prof. David Berle's HORT 2000 class, spring 2016
HorticultureAgricultural & Environmental Sciences10.000

[Sample class for training with the GivePulse system.] This is an example of what an instructor would write about their class to give a general overview of the class and its objectives to the students. The instructor will describe the service-learning activity, the amount of time required, and the c...

Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm · Kyle Anderson

In a seminar setting, we will delve into topics about race, gender, socioeconomic status, and many other complex issues that influence the American Education System. This class will challenge you to think more deeply about institutions and creatively brainstorm how to increase student access to educ...
Counseling and Human ServicesEducation10119.5083

Kyle Anderson