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    Interactive Media Assistant

    My work with OVPI has been everything I hoped for since I applied for the job the summer before my position began. I still vividly remember my Skype interview from Argentina and how excited I was when my learnings from my Argentina internship pushed me even closer to the job at OVPI.

    The work environment and tasks are both challenging and rewarding. I've rarely felt overwhelmed entirely by a task, which is a new feeling for me, and I've been pleased to explore new skills in an environment that cultivates such ample opportunity for growth and learning.

    My first video assignment, the Experiential Learning student spotlight on Hedaya Weber, is still one of my favorite assignments. I remember struggling for the first week as I attempted to realign myself with Premiere Pro and video editing programs I haven't used in months. I remember leaving the office after (I thought) hours of work had been deleted in an accidental shutdown. I also remember the feeling of elation as I learned how to recover the file and get back to work. It was during this project that I first played around with Photoshop and After Effects. I learned how to animate still objects, add movement to still photographs, and tell a story through a combination of media. At the end, I felt a little unsure about my first video and a bit concerned for what other people might think. These feelings quickly dissipated when I showed the video to Kay Stanton, senior coordinator of experiential learning programs, for approval. She smiled with tears in her eyes, and I realized how much I love making videos that can spark emotion in someone else.

    The opportunities for growth in videography did not end there. I challenged myself to take on a new skill for my next experiential learning video, and I learned how to utilize vector icon animation design in Illustrator to further explain and add visual elements to a story.

    I've also learned the importance of creative problem solving. Working at a large university where everyone - from the students to the faculty and staff - have an immense workload means that communication is sometimes slow and it can be difficult finding efficiency with so many moving parts. There aren't always the necessary photos to complete a video, or sometimes there are gaps in the audio, or the interviews that need to be scheduled with people do not match up with a normal work schedule. There are problems. There are also solutions. One creative solution I found when a video did not have the necessary resources to be completed was when I incorporated multiple recordings of a Google Earth Tour as a creative way to further the story of a first generation faculty member.

    The most fun task to shoot was our holiday video of Bilbo, our bulldog star. This was the first assignment that I actually pre-planned with scripting, a shot list, and a schedule. It was also my first time working with an animal actor. While Bilbo didn't always look where he needed to or sit in a chair the right way, it made for some enjoyable shots to look back on as I worked on cutting down hours of adorable footage into a short one-minute video.

    This is my first job where I get a glimpse into what the marketing and communications world looks like. My coworkers inspire and intrigue me every day with the work that they do, and I am happy to learn alongside them about graphic design, digital writing, e-newsletters, and coding. I am so grateful that I can use my videography and photography skills to create materials that can market and promote some of the programs that The University Office of Instruction works to implement to see students succeed.

    It's also been amazing to me to see my work recognized. My Holiday video reached over 1,000 people on our vimeo account. One of my experiential learning student spotlights was picked up by MarComm put on the UGA home page as a link and on the UGA Today page as a feature story.

    Gave 384.00 hours between 08/12/2018 and 01/23/2019