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Caitlin Casazza

Caitlin @ UGA Swim Team Thanksgiving

For my second created event I brought bugs to the UGA swim team thanksgiving. Every year we get together before we leave for break to have our own thanksgiving dinner. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to bring the bugs out to teach the girls team a little bit about my class. Once again many of the girls were scared by the bugs so they didn't hold them but a few did hold the walking stick which they seemed to enjoy! By the end everyone was interested in them. Great experience for UGA swim and dive!

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/19/2017 with Engage Georgia
Caitlin Casazza

Caitlin @ Bugs @ 610

I created this event for some of my teammates still living in dorms and got together to teach them about the three bugs i had in particular. I picked up the hissing cockroach, blue death beetles, and the walking stick. The walking stick was the biggest hit being long and gangly but quite friendly. Many of my friends and teammates came out and got to hold these bugs or if they were too afraid—watch from afar! I think overall my teammates expanded their knowledge on bugs.

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/19/2017 with Engage Georgia
Serve with Athens-Clarke County Animal Control!

I was so excited to see there was volunteering to work with puppies at the humane society. I am a dog lover so I was more than willing to come in to help out. It can be sad to see all the dogs that are older and have been there for a while. Usually people come in looking for puppies and overlook some of the sweet elderly ones. One of my favorites is named bunny. She is a pitiful that has given birth to many litters. She may seem scary due to the name pitfalls give but she always was sweet when I took her out into the pin outside to get some fresh air. However, it is always super exciting to see the new puppies that come in each week! They can be loud and messy but they are cute and usually have a buddy. My task was to take as many dogs out to play and fill their water bowls. The ones that needed any food or crates cleaned. Great experience especially if you're a dog lover.

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/24/2017 with Engage Georgia
Come help in the medicinal herb garden!

This time I volunteered at the garden I was very fortunate to plant some herbs in the herb garden. I had heard great things about this so I was very excited to work with Noelle. Again, a few students got together to help plant some of small basil plants. I never realized how little I knew about gardening until this project. Noelle had to teach many of us the proper way to plant these herbs for maximal growth. It is important to remove all rocks from the soil, keep the plant close to irrigation, and also keep a fair distance between each plant. Then, it became really easy and lots of fun! It was also exciting to watch Noelle's niece plant basil plants for the first time. I guess we were all learning new things that day!

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/12/2017 with Engage Georgia
Come help in the medicinal herb garden!

This was my first time ever working at the UGA garden. I was very impressed with the amount of volunteers that came out from many different classes to help out. I was fortunate to work with 4-5 other students. We all came together for what seems like a simple task, yet it had a very strict process. We were to take down a long wall of tomato plants that had died in preparation for the planting of new vegetables. At first, I thought it would be rather simple, but this took more team work than expected due to the strength needed to pull some of the tomato plants from the ground. In the process we were able to save a few tomatoes that the garden could then use for fried green tomatoes! Overall great experience.

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/05/2017 with Engage Georgia